Rider Preparation for General Riding or Pre Motorcycle Event (suggestions)

Quick Checks Before you Ride and Whilst you are Riding

– Riding often keeps you familiar with your Motorcycle
– Being warm whilst riding allows you to be more flexible and relaxed
– Having a good level of Fitness allows you to have more endurance and ride longer
– Wellness
– If you are unwell or cold you will have delayed reactions and you will become fatigued
– Recognising fatigue – delayed responses, lack of accuracy, co-ordination affected, agitation, feeling sleepy, muscle spasms.

Build up and self preparation for Event

– Keep up regular exercise, ie minimum walking, cycling, gym workouts, plus
– Try and Ride at least once a week for a good distance, more is better, keep it relevant to the riding leg you intend to participate on the Ride
– Attend a Ride Forever Training Course (to enhance your skill and rider awareness level)
– Remain hydrated and eat healthy
– Study the Road Route so you understand the destination and the Road conditions to expect
– Have your emergency contact and back up arranged, have an emergency contingency plan

Safety and Well being

– Ensure you have medical requirements on hand and advise relevant Officials where necessary
– If you have a medical condition, ensure you have accessible instructions on you or visible on the external part of your motorcycle.
– Self sufficient First Aid Pack
– Warm appropriate Motorcycle Riding Clothing, additional heating ie Wheat bag, Heated clothing, Weather Protective Gear, Extra Riding Gear, Heated Hand Grips.

– Rain Ex visor spray
– Tyre Air Pressure Guage (don’t rely on the Service Station’s)
– Puncture Repair Kit
– 90 deg Angle Valve (useful for Spoked wheels)
– Cable Ties
– Multi Tool
– Bulbs Indicator & main lights (check these are working before the ride)
– Helmet – Anti Fog visor insert (where applicable) check if your helmet is Pinlock ready
– Plastic Bags (spare, can serve as additional water proof inside Riding Boots).

Riding Conduct and Consideration

– Know your Skill and Confidence and Competence Level
– If you are unsure of who to ride with ask the Safety Officer or your TL
– Ride for yourself and to the conditions
– Consider your Bike Size (ie CC Rating)and Type and Ride with similar Bikes
– Remember your Training on Road skills for Safety and Awareness
– Attend a Ride Forever Training Course