Bike Preparation and Pre Ride Checks

Bike Preparation Timeline (suggestions only) –

Initial Check –  2weeks out from Event; (earlier is better)

Review         –   2-3 Days prior to Event

Cleaning the bike will allow you to check for any loose nuts or bolts, ie brake callipers, foot pegs, muffler/exhaust fittings, hand grips etc.  Time to notice any anomalies.

  • Body Work

Wash Bike (soft cloth) – water and Motorcycle/Car Cleaning products soap to remove Grim, Sticky Asphalt, Dirt.  Body work and then Engine casings onto wheels, Rims and last chain.

  • Chain

It is not essential to strip clean with degreaser the chain.  Leaving some oil/chain lube on the chain is ok as assists with smooth circulation.  Only if the chain has been exposed to heavy off Road conditions or a lot of Tar on Road, it may be beneficial to give it a more thorough clean.

  1.  Tyres/Wheels/Rim

Firmer Brush

Hot Soapy water. Be careful around the Tube and or Air Valve not to knock or bend this as will cause an air leak.

  • Tyres – do not use any form of tyre shine on motorcycle tyre walls for that glossy look.  This will only cause loss of grip when riding.

Check tyre tread depth, 2mm minimum throughout all grooves on the tyre’s.

Tread pattern, understand the type of tyres you have on your bike, Google search Brand/Model to understand what type of riding they suit.

  1. Tyre Inflation:  Refer to recommended tyre pressure from owners manual or sticker on the bike.  More modern bikes may recommend high inflation and may need adjusting.  This is a factor based on the weight of the bike, rider, road and weather conditions.  (Ask the WRWR Rep for Safety advice  if you need further advice or confirmation).
  2. Fluids:

Check your bike fluids, Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder (where applicable) for any residue and or more prominent  or obvious leaks especially front forks.  If residue on forks, wipe with a dry rag, plunge the front end suspension or take bike for a ride and do a couple of quick stops to check for any fluid.  If fluid appears on the forks, you will need to get the seals checked by your professional service department before you continue any further riding.

If your engine oil looks black in the sight glass, this may indicate the oil needs replacing.

If you notice a milky look to any of your bikes fluids, again they may need changing.

  1. Lights:

Ensure your indicators and relevant lights are operational (including your number plate light).  Recheck a few days before you leave for the event.  Check your front brake light and rear break light work effectively, (sometimes the connections/contacts need freeing up).

  1. Cables:

Ensure your brake & clutch cables (where applicable) are lubricated and working freely, these can seize up over winter.

  • Handle Bars/Levers – Heated Grips

Highly recommend you get Heated Grips put on your bike where possible.

Check your heated grips to ensure grips are still glued and fixed in place.

Customise lever positions for maximum comfort and usability.

  1. Fuel:

Put a little Injector Cleaner in your fuel tank to assist with water residue that may have collected from stale fuel and condensation.

IMPORTANT:  (Ensure your fuel tank is clean and not rusted.  If unsure of your fuel tank condition seek professional advice before using this product – this is a cleaning product and may lift residue in the fuel tank and cause fuel blockage.)

Being Road Legal

  1. Ensure Bike has a Current WOF and is Currently Registered.
  2. Tyres, ensure your tyres are Road Legal and meet minimum legal and safety standards as required by NZTA.
  3. Ensure bike is Road Worthy and safe to operate on the road.
  4. It is a legal requirement to have the correct license for the motorcycle you will be operating.
  5. Your NZ or other relevant Driver License must be current and comply with NZ Road law and permit you to legally operate a motorcycle on NZ Roads.
  6. You must be in a safe and fit condition and legally permitted to operate a motorcycle on New Zealand Roads..


The above points are suggestions for your consideration.  For more specific information relevant to your Bike, please seek a professionals advice.  You may contact our help line at 0800 533 2108 and we will direct you through the correct channels.