Terms and Conditions

Collection of personal information

Any personal details submitted via online services when inquiring or confirming booking(s) of services provided by Carz n Bikez Training Ltd will be held secure within the appropriate measures of Carz n Bikez Training Ltd.  

The collection of personal details is required by appropriate authoritative bodies who require such information be legally collected which forms part the legal operations and process as carried out by Carz n Bkiez Training Ltd on behalf of NZTA.

Personal details will not be passed onto third parties without the prior consent from such person(s), unless requested by the appropriate Authorities as previously mentioned.

Carz n Bikez Training Ltd will take all care to ensure, to the best of their ability your personal details are kept safe and secure but will not be held liable for any breaches outside their control, which includes but is not limited to malicious online invasion of privacy, hackers, third party policy and procedures.


  • Valid for 6 months from date of issue.
  • Not redeemable for cash and may only be used once and not in conjunction with any other discount or voucher.
  • If voucher lost proof of issue must be
  • Only valid with Carz n Bikez (CnB) Training Ltd – valid for all Training Courses.
  • Voucher must be used for full value at a single session, no credit or cash exchange will apply.
  • It is not the responsibility of Carz n Bikez Training Ltd to question or validate the user redeeming a valid voucher.


Learners Motorcycle License to Full License in 12 months

Conditions that applyCBTA Process only.

Standard Motorcycle Licensing process applies

You must meet the standard Licensing criteria to acquire the relevant motorcycle license(s).

If you do not hold any stage of the class 6 Motorcycle License you can proceed with this program.

If you are on your class 6L or class 6R you can still enter this Fast Track program.  The time frame remains the same.

To optimize on this program, requires that you get to your class 6R (Restricted) as soon as possible after achieving the 6L Learner License, as this is the key to shortening the time. 

Requirements of the Restricted Motorcycle license is 12 months before graduating to the Full class 6.

To optimize on shortening the time frame toward successfully obtaining your Full Motorcycle license within 12 months of you getting your Learners, getting to your class 6R is the key.

Once you have your class 6R, after 9 months you are able to, under the CBTA process you can consider taking your class 6 Full License.

You can only achieve this via a CBTA qualified instructor.

Specials and Promo Codes:

Details of on going promotional offers:

Motorcycle Offers:

In-store Pamphlets with codes:

  • ‘pure enjoyment’  50% disc any training
  • ‘Licensed & Legal’  50% disc on Bike Use
  • **’Fast Track”               2 for 1 training

** only available when current promotion on offer. (check the specials page).

Specials unless specified are only current when offered via the Carz n Bikez Training Ltd Web-site EVENTS page.

To receive benefits of an advertised promotion or special, you are required to quote the relevant promo code at the time you are confirming your booking.  If you do not offer the quoted code prior to the course you may not receive the relevant special discount or terms of promotion.

formal disputes process


Should you for any reason be dissatisfied with any performance, behavior or conduct with regards to services provided by any Instructor representing or acting on behalf of Carz n Bikez Training Ltd.

Please contact our office immediately via phone or email to raise this issue. You will receive a response call within 2 working days of your initial inquiry.

Dependent on the nature of your complaint it may require further investigation of which you will receive a response no longer than 7 working days to discuss these concerns.

We will do our utmost to ensure a resolve is reached, however,

Should a resolve not be reached, you have the option to file a formal complaint to the appropriate authority of NZTA by completing the appropriate complaints form.

You may request this form from the Trainer or from Carz n Bikez Training Ltd Management or via the NZTA link below:

Complaints Form


Book on a Ride Forever Training Course, Bronze, Silver or Gold.  Bring a Buddy and CnB Training will Pay Back your Booking Fee.

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Each person booked must participate on the same course and date and have paid the appropriate booking fee. 
  • CnB Training will Pay Back your booking fee on the 20th of the month following.
  • To receive your Pay Back, you will need to complete and submit your request via the CnB application form which will form part of the booking and attendance documentation.
  • Promotion will operate during the Months of 1st September to 30th to November 2019.
  • Applicable to Ride Forever Training Courses offered by CnB Training only.