Mastering   motorcycle   control



Confidence Mastering Your Motorcycle

Coordinating Controls – Clutch, Brake, Throttle

Mastering your motorcycle and managing to control it with confidence in traffic, performing slow tight turns moving into narrow Driveways or Parking positions can be overwhelming. You may feel anxious about keeping your bike upright.  This course will give you the confidence and understanding how to keep your bike upright no matter what the situation.  Your CnB Trainer will encourage and show you how you can feel in control of your Motorcycle in slow movements and maintain excellent balance.  You will get comfortable with co-coordinating the above controls and learn how they compliment each other.  You will also learn to look ahead of the bike during turns applying this riding technique and within a very short time you will find maintaining total control at a slow pace whilst changing directions, without placing a foot on the ground, just how achievable this is.


Putting it together for real ..

Practicing Slow Skills

Part 2 of this Novice Development course is putting your new found motorcycle skills into practice and using them to assist you with slow maneuvers.  Under guidance with your trainer and in the quiet area of the training grounds you will approach and move off from intersections without having to place your feet on the ground.  Move off from a stationery parked position, making tight (90 degree) turns to the left.  All whilst keeping your eyes up and looking where you need to be and also scanning for potential hazards.

Linked to the Instructor via Helmet to Helmet communication, you enter the next phase of riding through quiet streets with little traffic allowing you to experiment without contending with traffic.

In this quiet area you are able to practice

  1. stopping at intersections,
  2. moving off from intersections,
  3. parking perpendicular to the curb side,
  4. moving off from a parked position completing a 90 deg turn
  5. scanning mirrors and intersecting streets
  6. left and right street entries
  7. increased speeds

This will prepare you for the Third stage of this course .. being introduced into mainstream traffic with your trainer to guide you.


Entering Mainstream Traffic  …

Riding in the Real World – with Mainstream Traffic

By this stage you and your trainer will assess how you have progressed with developing finer controls with your Motorcycle.  If after discussion with your instructor you feel you are ready to further your experience, then you will be lead by your instructor entering mainstream traffic using Helmet to Helmet communication so you can safely follow and learn safe road positioning, how to be confident in among  traffic, where and what to look for, being prepared for the unexpected, adjusting riding position within your lane to avoid these potential hazards.  Corner entry and positioning will also be demonstrated, however this is covered in more depth in the next level of your Rider Development program.

The objective of this Novice Development Training Course is to equip you with the riding skills and level of confidence to initially enter mainstream traffic and have enough ability, skill and know-how to safely manage riding your Motorcycle with other traffic.

This is the beginning of your motorcycle  journey, so this course will point you in the right direction and prepare you for your next stage of Rider Development or  Motorcycle License.