Fully Qualified Lady Motorcycle Trainer & Car Driving Instructor.


NZTA approved as a CBTA Trainer & Licensing Qualified, for Motorcycles

NZTA approved BHST (Basic Handling Skills Test) Assessing Qualified

Highly Qualified & Experienced Female Motorcycle Instructor in the South Island

Car Driving Instructor:

NZTA endorsed as a Professional Car Driving Instructor.

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A Bit About Caron

My back ground:

Growing up on a farm, the majority of my youth was spent riding horses, typical for a girl.  I became very successful within the Equine Industry competing at a high level both nationally and internationally and I truly loved the challenge breaking, training and competing.  It was through horses that I commenced tutoring.  I was able at a young age to tutor and pass on my knowledge to others who wanted to understand and obtain the right skills to successfully train their own horses and also enjoy competing at a higher level.  Seeing others succeed through my coaching gave me a big buzz and still today with instructing and passing on my knowledge within the Motorcycle Riding & Training Industry gives me the same buzz and sense of accomplishment.  Hence obtaining my ‘I’ NZTA (Instructors) endorsement as a professional Driving and Motorcycle Trainer.

Being a Lady Driver and Motorcycle Trainer

I am passionate about Riding Motorcycles and have successfully taken many people who have never ridden a motorcycle before, (Ladies and Gents) to obtaining their Motorcycle Licenses with ease.

I have enjoyed coaching many ladies, who were extremely nervous about riding but wanted to give it a go and now are confidently out on the roads having a lot of fun.

Being safe on our Roads rates high for me.  So if I can make a difference with passing on good Riding and Driving habits that make sense, then this is my mission.  Experiencing the road is completely different in a Car to being on board a Motorcycle and therefore the skills and techniques are different, I am pleased to be in a position where I can coach from both avenues.

Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit about me.  I look forward to meeting you, be it at a Rally, Café, at the Race Track (motorcycle) or if you want a friendly professional Driving or Motorcycle Trainer, or want a chat, please give our Team a call.


Motorcyclist Enthusiast and Mechanic

  • Mechanic by Trade
  • Business Owner
  • Motorcycle Dealership
  • 25 + Years Industry Experience
  • National and International Mechanic
  • Motorcycle Trainer
  • NZTA BHST Approved
  • NZTA Approved Car Driving Instructor
  • High Performance Riding Instructor
  • Advanced High Performance Mechanic
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My passion for Cars and Motorcycles started at an early age with me riding dirt bikes at the age of 12 years old; then achieving my full car and motorcycle license at only 15.
My first ever job was an apprentice mechanic which unbeknown to me would lead into a career as well as a world full of opportunities.

Obtaining this job I enjoyed meant I could buy a dirt bike and race it, I then bought and built several race cars for not only myself but for other people as well.

This lead me to working on Race Cars full time, building cars, managing the running and engineering of them in NZ champs, training drivers; I also worked for Canterbury Racing School as well as various independent teams.

Over approximately 8 years, I worked with some great drivers, Greg Tulett Ashley Stitchbery, Jason Richards, Andrew Neal, Ken Smith, Scott Dixon, Simon Wills to name a few.

I then worked overseas in England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Holland running a two car team with great results, until I was about 30 years old and I wanted to return to do my own racing again. This is when I discovered Road Racing Motorcycles, and for me nothing comes close to the enjoyment of this sport.

In 2005 myself along with a team of people, and Phil Garrett (project manager) as team leader I designed and built a sidecar to set a land speed record; This was a huge project and very successful. Both Phil and I rode the sidecar and broke both National and World Records, which are currently still held today.

Whilst building the Side Car I had also just purchased Street and Sport Motorcycles Ltd, Triumph dealers in Christchurch. Building the business to be Number 1 Triumph Dealership in the country for about 5 years, maintaining this position until 2011, despite the major earthquakes in Christchurch.

Throughout this period I engineered bikes for some top Road Race Riders, ie Sean Harris – 3 times Isle of Man winner, Dominic Jones – Professional Road Race Rider (AMA).

In running the Dealership we placed a lot of importance on Long Term riding for all riders. Therefore Training and Shop rides were a focus, where enjoying the ride yet safely, so we all can ride again tomorrow.

At the beginning of 2014 I left the Triumph dealership and started CnB training (Carz n Bikez Training Ltd).  So I am back to what I love. Riding and Training others to enjoy Safer Motorcycle Riding.  But offering tips and refining techniques for those who carry a passion for Off Road riding(getting dirty), Track Riding and Racing.