My Buddy Competition

CnB Training & Promotions giving support for CWM. Supporting our lady riders in Canterbury.

Need a reason to get back on your bike heres a competition which is designed to encourage in a fun way to get back on your bike.

A new season, a fun reason, share and spread your enthusiasm and lets get started with a giggle.

  • Great prizes
  • Several categories
  • Starts September 2016
  • Ends October 2016
  • Monthly Prizes
  • Votes by “LIKES”

Get your FREE Buddy NOW!

Enquire at

Choose Your Buddy!!

First in gets first choice of a Buddy! We have Cow, Monkey and Dog buddies available left, so get in quick to organise collection of your desired Buddy.


You can apply at anytime through September October but the sooner you get in the more chance you have of getting likes!

Entry Details & Conditions

Get Rego for You and Your Buddy!

To assist with keeping track of ‘Likes’ please submit a photo of your Buddy & Bike to either the CWM facebook page and label it with “My Buddy Registration” or email photo to


  • Get your FREE ‘Buddy’ by applying via web page or sending an email to
  • Register your Buddy (please see above for details)
  • Competitions open to CWM members only
  • Submit a photo(s) including ‘Buddy on Bike’ to CWM facebook page with a caption, or ;
    Make an adventure story, Get photos with sponsors
  • Mystery Prizes to be won throughout both months (September, October) and there will be an overall Major prize winner for the My Buddy photo with the most ‘Likes’ at the end of October 2016. Subsequent prizes will also be given for the next 3 ‘My Buddy’ runner-up photos.

Be creative, use your imagination, think outside the box if you like. It’s about getting ‘Likes’ and having fun – Get your family and friends & friends of friends to like your photo(s)

So get in quick, Secure a buddy and Support our Lady Riders in Canterbury

Please Note: All photos submitted for this competition may be used by CnB Training and Promotions for future purposes.


  • First European
  • Rolling Thunder
  • MCDU (Motorcycling Down Under)
  • Budget Motorcycle Spares
  • CnB Training and Promotions