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Never Driven a Car before?     

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Get all the Right Instruction from a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor

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What’s your Ride ..  Not sure?

Is it Café ….   Getting Dirty ….    Adrenaline ….    Or just pure Relaxation –

Whatever your reason  .. Get Started Here  .. Fun, Freedom, Chillin with your Buddies

You’ve heard the Rumor, its true, try it out yourself and find out what the addiction is between Rider and Motorcycle.

Entering the world of motorcycle riding, brings a whole new meaning to the word freedom and another way to enjoying life.

Leave the stresses of the business day, chaos of family demands, close off the world and allow yourself to take a different perspective of the world from behind the privacy of your visor… the sound of the engine, rumbling of the pipes, the wind and road nothing around you but open space, just you astride your machine total unexplained pleasure!

The enjoyment of riding motorcycles is growing and we want to encourage and share experiences. We also want to ensure that whilst you are enjoying all that motorcycle riding offers, that you are well equipped with safe riding skills, knowledge and great road craft.

Your very first time on a motorcycle in the operating seat can be a daunting thought that’s why we are able to offer all motorcycle training, coached by a fully qualified Motorcycle Instructor successfully taking you from never having ridden before to gaining your Full Motorcycle License.

We will coach, encourage and lift you to a level where you will leave feeling that you have concurred and accomplished your desired results.

So if you’re really excited and ready to start on the journey to all the benefits of having your motorcycle license get in contact with us and we will guide you on the right path.

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Motorcycle Training Courses

    • Beginner - Never Ridden a Motorcycle


      • Basic Handling Skills Course – First Stage of License

        Never too late to start

        Your Pace, Patience and Positive Encouragement

        One step at a time

        Bike and all gear provided included in price

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    • Novice Course – Entering Mainstream Traffic


      • Advancing From Basic Skills into Mainstream Traffic

        Fine tuning controls

        Clutch, Brake, Throttle

        First time in  mainstream traffic

        Practical application for new skills

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    • Competency Based Training Assessments – CBTA


      • Prequel to Shortcut Licenses – For your 6R and 6F

        Recommended training for

        Restricted & Full Licences.

        Short track to Restricted & Full Licences.

        LAMS bikes available to hire

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We also have LAMS approved motorcycles for clients use.

Motorcycle License plans

    • Learner License 6L


      Learner License
      • Basic Handling Skills Certificate Required to achieve 6L

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    • Restricted License 6R


      Restricted License
      • Recommended C.B.T.A Course prequel to 6R Assessment

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    • Full License 6F


      Full License
      • Recommended Refresher Course prequel to 6F Assessment

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We also have LAMS approved motorcycles for clients use.

Learn to Drive

Fully Qualified and very experienced professional Lady Car Driving Instructor.

Manual or Automatic cars available.

Professional and friendly instruction from your Learners Car License to brushing up to gain your Restricted or Full Car License(s).

International drivers looking to transfer licenses over to a New Zealand License.

Our Car Driving Instructor is safety focused and will give you the confidence and expertise to achieve the level of driving you require to successfully achieve your required outcome.

Car Driver Training Courses

    • Package 1H



      Individual 1 hour Driving Lesson
      • (must be paid at time of Booking)

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    • Package 3H



      3 x 1 hour Driving Lessons
      • Block Booking

        3 x 1 hour Driving Lessons

        (must be paid at time of Booking)

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    • Package 5H



      5 x 1 hour Driving Lessons
      • Pre-Book Block

        5 x 1 hour Driving Lessons

        (must be paid at time of Booking)

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    • Corporate Package



      Group Bookings for Organisations
      • (must be paid at time of Booking)

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Car Driver Licensing

How to go about getting your Class 1 – Driver License in New Zealand

There are three stages via the New Zealand graduated licensing system that apply as a new driver.

    • Learner License


      Stage 1
        1. Learners License – Theory Only
        2. Must be at least 16 years of age
    • Enquiries
    • Restricted License


      Stage 2
        1. Be at least 16½ years of age
        2. Hold a current class 1 Learners license
        3. Have held a current class 1 Learner license for at least 6 months
        4. Complete a practical driving test – approximately 45 minutes
    • Course 5H
    • Full License


      Stage 3
        1. Must be at least 18 years of age (unless completed an Advanced Driving Skills course)
        2. Must hold a current class 1 Restricted License for at least 18 months
        3. Successfully complete a Practical Driving test  –  approximately 20 minutes in length

        NOTE:  Other conditions may apply, please refer to the following link for further details.

        Other conditions that may apply for transferring licenses




    • Course 3H

About Carz n Bikez

Carz n Bikez Training Ltd – Effective, Efficient and Friendly

Our Team at CnB (Carz n Bikez) Training are very experienced and have the appropriate qualifications to ensure you get the right training to achieve your desired goals; whether it be

  • Getting your Motorcycle or Car License,
  • International license transfer,
  • Just starting out,
  • Needing confidence or ready for more advanced skills whether it be on Motorcycle or Car.

We want you to have an enjoyable experience with our friendly but professional instructors; they will guide you, give you confidence, reassurance and knowledge that will remain with you beyond your training session.

Our Staff are qualified as,

  • NZTA Instructor
  • Certified to issue Motorcycle licenses (from class 6Learner to 6Full)
  • Issue class 6F for International License transfer
  • Basic Handling Skills test
  • CBTA – Competency Based Training and Assessment
  • Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Qualified NZTA approved Car driving Instructor

Our Car Driving tutor is an NZTA approved Instructor who has successfully tutored many Learner Drivers to obtain their class 1 Restricted License both in Manual and Automatic transmission cars.  Caron is very patient and because of her many years of experience in tutoring demonstrates her ability to coach her students to achieve quicker and higher standards for better results without compromising safety.  Both young (total beginners) and mature (adults upskilling) have found Caron’s coaching delivery to be very clear calm and makes each required task seem very achievable.

Whether you are looking to obtain your Restricted , Full License or even if you are just looking to gain more confidence behind the wheel our instructors will be able to help you achieve your goals.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our customers (you) are taught in a fun but professional learning environment and leave each session with more confidence, knowledge and skills that will remain for wherever your journey may take you.

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